NFT Market
  1. 1.
    Monster NFT market is a decentralized NFT exchange. Users can freely buy and sell monster series cards and props in the market. All transactions are based on the blockchain for all digital assets (NFTs) transactions.
  2. 2.
    Monster NFT market transaction charges 5% of the transaction fee, of which 3% will flow into the repurchase pool for MB repurchase
  3. 3.
    Monster NFT market provides an official repurchase channel, which can quickly recycle players' cards, and the recycling price will be executed according to the average minimum transaction price in the current card market within 72 hours
  4. 4.
    Monster NFT market can provide card rental services. In the future, C2C rental market will be provided according to the development of monster battle, and players will lease their idle cards to other players
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