Daily Training (PvE, Single Card Auto Combat)
Difficulty Level
Cost Per Challenge
Earnings Per Challenge
1200$MBS and 0.5 $Crystal
1200$MBS and 1 $Crystal
1200$MBS and 2 $Crystal
1200$MBS and 3 $Crystal
Challenge cooldown: Each card can be used to perform a maximum of 3 Daily Training challenges per day, with a 2-hour cooldown in between each challenge. Winning conditions: 0% win rate if total attack is equivalent or lower than that of the NPC monster. 100% win rate if total attack higher than that of the NPC monster. Reward is random and varies based on difficulty level (See "earnings" column above) Price Rebase: Earnings will be manually rebased to reflect changes in market prices Time of Rebasing: Rebase to be performed once every three days, exact time of rebasing is not disclosed
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